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    Seductive star counting by Rin

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    va: Mamoru Miyano



Now you can have very seductive Rin counting stars with husky voice in your own blog! With sexy, smooth background music of course.

I found this drama cd done by Rin’s va Miyamo today and I had to share this scene with you as soon as I heard it. This made me laugh so much I got a headache, but let’s be honest - it’s pretty hot, too.

Best with headphones on!


This is from drama cd Starry☆Sky×Hitsuji de Oyasumi [Goodnight Under the Moon] 
It’s a humorous drama cd. You can download it from here with password kurarisu46.

I feel this audio makes much more sense now with the season 2, so I reblog it again.  Oh and he’s counting sheeps, not stars!

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